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Top 10 Localization Companies in India

Localization services have now become important in today’s globalizing world. Today, business organizations of all sizes are moving outwards in search of new customers, markets, and opportunities. However, to be successful, they must customize their content and product line to suit different cultural values. In recent years, India has emerged as a ‘go-local’ hotspot because […]

Key Reasons Highlighting the Significances of Retail Translation Services

Key Reasons Highlighting the Significances of Retail Translation ServicesRetail businesses face new possibilities and difficulties as they work to reach a larger audience across borders and cultures in the constantly evolving global marketplace. Effective communication has emerged as the key to success in this volatile environment. The value of authentic and culturally competent communication for […]

The Ultimate Guide to App Localization Services

app localization

If we go by the statistics, over 5 million apps do exist collectively on both Android and iOS mobile stores. It’s also estimated that a user utilizes over 40 apps per month and spends almost three hours a day on apps installed on his phone. App Localization: Key to Scaling Further If you have an […]

Game localization Services helps you gain more business

game localization services

When it comes to gaining more business for your games, there is nothing better than the idea that it should be made available in the local language and genre so that everyone is able to use it. Since English is not the only language spoken at all corners of the world, if the game and […]

Role of Video Game Localization and why it’s important

video game localization services

As we know localization on its own is not limited and can be applied to any sort of content, be it a website, advertisement, or even an animated film for children or video games. Being one of the most demanded services in the translation industry, localization ensures the appropriateness of the content to the target […]

Top 4 Reasons to Approach The Video Translation Services in India

video translation services

Do you know? Most preferred type of content on the internet to collect information is the video. With the evolution of technology, the businesses are worldwide, and the geographical area is never a barrier for the business. However, businesses have to work on different languages to reach people beyond boundaries. The multilingual videos are the […]

How translation can help effective Covid 19 Vaccination plans in India

covid 19 -translation services

As we are moving back to the new normal in the new ear 2021, the excitement is more to understand the vaccination for Covid. The awareness and distribution for the same is going to be another major challenge and a definite cost to the state. The 2 main hurdles which we see here are the […]

Fintech and Localization

translation services in delhi

The Internet and the numerous has thrown open multiple opportunities to business and increased the avenues for individual users. Never the less the internet has not been exploited to the fullest, the requirement of localization for websites, application and payment platforms are yet in the pipeline.  Today with a major chunk of internet data consumption […]

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