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We at Get Any Language are offering sophisticated Jaintia translation services to clients who are looking to reach out to the people of the North East India, mostly in Meghalaya and other adjoining areas. The language itself is exclusive and not so much like other languages when it comes to the numbers of speakers. However, it has a distinct history and that is amazing one to say so. Our native Jaintia speakers offer their services when it comes to Jaintia document translation services for the local requirements from the government. We try to help our clients with the English to Jaintia translation services so that they can meet specific requirements from the government or government bodies with regards to forms and others.

Jaintia which is also known as Pnar is a member of the Khasian (or Meghalayan) branch of Austro-Asiatic language. Our effort is to help our clients who wish to reach out to these people. Therefore, if you are a corporate company, an NGO or a researcher who wish to communicate with the locals, we are the people who you can trust for Jaintia translation job.

Jaintia language and Demographics

Spoken in northeast part of India, primarily in the West and East Jaintia Hills Districts of Meghalaya State, Jaintia has an exciting history that could amaze anyone. For instance, some speakers are found in Assam state as well. However, the north and east as well as in the neighboring country of Bangladesh to the south too have some Jaintia speakers. Thus, they are spread in more than one country. Needless to say although traditionally described as a dialect of Khasi, Jaintia language exhibits key differences in pronunciation. Similarly, there are several differences when it comes to lexicon, and syntax. Thus, it according to linguists is a different language than Khasi and other regional languages spoken widely in the north east part of India.

When it comes to similarities between Khasi and Jaintia, there are quite a lot and this is a reason that speakers of one language to learn the other in some months. The 2001 Census of India counted 243,000 speakers of Jaintia; however, the numbers went up in the 2011 Census to 700,000.

Jaintia Documents Translation Services

As has been mentioned above we are the professionals who could be trusted for the most authentic Jaintia translation services, you can definitely hire us for your translation requirement. Whether you are a research who wants to study the people of the region or you are an NGO who wish to connect with them, you can hire us for the job. Since there are ample business opportunities for the organizations interested to expand their business in Meghalaya and other neighboring states, you can look for Jaintia translation services as well.

The following are the areas that we cover while offering our translation services in Garo language:


Why should you Get Any Language?

Authenticity is required a lot when it comes to translation and that too in the exquisite languages like Jaintia or Garo. Needless to say when it comes to accuracy and authenticity, we are a name to trust. Over the years we have developed an understanding that Jaintia translation services could be a great experience if accuracy is kept alright. Similarly, as we deliver the most sophisticated translation with the help of linguists our clients could reach to the most exclusive people of the north east of India.

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