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DTP Services in India

There are no marketing or branding exercises that could be completed well without Desktop publishing products like leaflets, brochures and newsletters. We at Get Any Language have been delivering the ultra sophisticated DTP services wherein we work for our clients when they require help regarding their pages, documents and images in a standard format before publication. Nevertheless, since we have trained and experienced DTP specialists well-versed with electronic publishing technologies, we deliver the finest desktop publishing job for our clients.desktop publishing services

Additionally, with the required infrastructure at the place like printer drivers and PostScript printers we are able to bring the most desired DTP services in India for our clients whether they are from India or abroad. Cost-effective and delivered within short turnaround times, our desktop publishing works well with markup languages like XML and HTML. Additionally, we work with online document formats such as Acrobat PDF to provide comprehensive choices for our clients.

What makes us the best in the industry DTP Services Provider in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore ?

Since we have a team of skilled and experienced DTP specialists we work in the best possible manner to help our clients. Additionally, our graphic designers and desktop publishers come with tons of experience in the industry to generate and deliver quality work. There could not be any desktop publishing job without the help from seasoned proofreaders and quality controllers, and trust us we have some of the most experienced professionals in this segment.

Another unique thing that makes us thorough professional is that we work on projects of any size, language, format and platform. Thus, it does not matter whether you are a small size firm or MSME or even an individual author, we work for you. Not just work, in fact, we ensure every DTP project is completed according to agreed timelines irrespective of the budget or the size of client or order. Needless to say our DTP work includes the following formats or process:

Working on Layout Design

At Get Any Language our professionals ensure costly pitfalls are avoided and for that they work on accurate book and magazine layouts. Additionally, it is not just about the skilled work but timely delivery of the work so that the cost is not escalated. Whether it is graphics, screen shots or illustrations we carefully edit them all before publishing.

Formatting your Text to make the product look better

For any book or booklet or even leaflet, it is important that it has the best formatting vis-à-vis text and for that we ensure that our professionals work on this carefully. Needless to say we not just analyze typography including font size, font type, special characters, etc. we also make sure that the text has maximum readability. Additionally, we carefully work on page breaks, margins, headings, tabulation, bulleted lists, blocking, indenting, etc. for pleasing looks.

Careful and professional Copy Editing

This is one of the core areas that we work on when you send your book for publishing and for that we have proofreaders and copy editors who make sure that the text is quality tested for semantics, grammar, punctuation and spelling, etc. This is meant to ensure that there are no mistakes before publishing as it would leave wrong impression among the readers if they catch mistakes.

Helping you reach to wide audience with Multilingual DTP

The world has hundreds of languages, if your book or marketing material is available just in one language it would not be able to reach to a wide audience. However, with the help of our talented translators we can translate your text in several languages and help you reach to new regions and targeted audience. For instance, you can easily reach to areas like Europe, Arab world, Africa, East Asian countries, etc. with translated content.

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