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Localization Services in India

Localization is a process where documents are adopted and translated for foreign audiences. Translation is the best way to localize the content for its native audience but when it comes to localizing critical documents like marketing brochures, product information leaflets, blog posts and websites then only an experienced agency in  localization services in India can help.

Localization Services

Our localization services India not only offers accurate language translations but also takes into consideration the cultural barriers, national legislations and distinct localization requirements. These services are highly beneficial for business domains like E-learning platforms, Software UI, User manuals and Quick reference guides etc. 

Our services to various individuals and industries as follows: –

Localization services by Get Any Language are focused on getting the communication gap bridged between both the marketers and the end customers. With our expert localization and translation experts we take care of the communication part and the product / service specialist can concentrate on the offering part to make most of the markets they intend to serve.

Localization Process: 

Our Localization process is straightforward and step by step. To make sure that localization is being done with greater accuracy and unbiased cultural acceptance, our localization personnel follow a very rigorous process indeed.

Here is how it goes: 

  1. Content Analysis
  2. Content Management
  3. 3-Step Translation Process
  4. Desktop Publishing
  5. Back Conversion
  6. Speedy Delivery
  7. In-Context Quality check 
  8. Finalization

Localization Services we Offer: 

It’s a proven fact that people don’t buy from a source that doesn’t engage them. Thus, offering customers localized content in their native language, look and feel is now inevitable. If you are planning to expand your products / services overseas, we will localize your content in a way that feels truly local. Following is the range  of services we cover under translation and localization:  – 

Our translation services are executed by expert localization experts. They are vetted professionals who have so far translated hundreds of millions of words of creative, scientific and technical content into hundreds of languages. This way we helped thousands of clients in making a mark in competitive new international markets. Our translation memory tools and workflow automation strategies helped brands reduce resource overheads and save time. 

We have upper hand in localizing multimedia content too. Our service spectrum offers localization of audio, video, animation, eLearning and other multimedia solutions. We help brands to engage and capture their international buyers with localized multimedia content. 

Software is usually developed in English languages and installed in either cloud or SaaS models. When it goes international localization is the utmost requirement for its global adaptation.  At Get Any Language our team optimizes and translates the software manual and use interfaces in local languages so that it could meet the language, quality and functionality requirements of users in every language. 

Websites are the best medium that connects customers with the brand.  Our website localization is a process that makes your website content adoptable to your local customers. It enhances customer experience. The process includes cultural adaptation and content as well as website element localization. This turns your website into an interactive content asset for multilingual customers.

Today the next big bubble in the youth segment is gaming. We have seen that many enthusiastic participants who don’t understand English are also good players of these games may it be chess or any action packed game. 

To attract and hold back to these players companies have to localize their gaming content according to the regions. Even in International space it becomes important to adapt the language of the land for managing the end user expectations.

 E learning is mainly aimed at offering learning courses through the electronic media. There are numerous courses in this service and to make it available to multiple geographies via online medium is not a big problem but local language adaptation of its end students in their vernacular languages is a bigger challenge. 

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