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English to Telugu Translation Services

We at Get Any Language offer the most professional Telugu translation services to individuals and organizations that are willing to explore opportunities in Telugu speaking region and Telugu speaking Diaspora living all around the world.  From document translation to script translation to academic translation, we cater to a large segment of requirements from our clients when it comes to Telugu translation. Our in-house translators and linguists ensure that our clients receive the most authentic and accurate English to Telugu translation services. telugu translation services At a time when Telugu cinema has become global and Telugu Diaspora spread worldwide is leaving huge impact, Telugu language has become a major attraction among people. Telugu, the South-Central Dravidian language which is spoken predominantly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and other adjoining states, has rich history and cultural value. A significant number of people in neighboring states like Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odissa, Tamil Nadu, and in Yanam speak Telugu.

How popular is Telugu Language?

Nearly 74 million people speak Telugu as a first language especially in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and nearly 5 million people speak it as their second language in India. In addition to India, there are thousands of Telugu speakers spread around the world mainly in the countries like Mauritius, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Fiji, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, etc. amongst others. Since Telugu is rich in literature and entertainment industry, there is huge requirement for Telugu to English and English to Telugu translation.

Areas we cover

Since there are ample business opportunities for the organizations interested to expand their business in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well as the areas where Telugu speakers reside, the requirement for Telugu translation has gone significantly up. The following are the areas that we cover while offering our translation services; however, these are not exclusive as we keep on adding new segments and service areas regularly:
  • Telugu Translation of Documents required by the government or authorities
  • Telugu Content and Copywriting, Telugu Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Transcription to and from Telugu to other languages
  • Telugu Marketing and Marketing Communications
  • Translation for Telugu Desktop Publishing projects
  • Telugu Editing and Proofreading
  • Interpretation to and from Telugu

Why should you hire us?

When it comes to accuracy and authenticity, we are a name to trust. Since we understand the fact that for English to Telugu translation services, accuracy is important, we deliver the most sophisticated translation with the help of linguists. Additionally, keeping this in mind that authenticity is fundamental, we deliver you accurate translation whether it is English to Telugu Document Translation Services or script translation, academic translation or others. Nonetheless, when it comes to translating documents in Telugu, exactness is prerequisite and we deliver it with full aplomb. Being a traditional leader in translation services for firms and individuals, we have made it possible for clients to put their requirement whether large or small. Thus, even if you are asking for small amount of Telugu translation services, we are here with us and as we also help large clients with thousands of pages to translate from English to Telugu or vice-versa, we are here for large companies and firms, as well.

Our commitment for Quality Telugu Document Translation Services

Our Telugu translation work for individuals, organizations like universities, research organizations, insurance agencies, financial advisory firms, loan providers, etc. is aimed to help them in their businesses or enterprises. We are a result oriented Telugu Document translation services provider that is committed to offer the most authentic translation that meets specific requirements from clients. With multiple layers of quality checking by linguists we also use technology to make sure our translation is authentic and close to the original message.
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