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Video Game Localization Services

Video game localization is the preparation of video game software and hardware for sale in a new region or country. The process includes any changes made to a game, including altering art assets, creating new packaging and manuals, recording new audio, transforming hardware, cutting out whole portions of the game due to differing cultural sensitivities and/or local legal requirements, and even adding sections to replace cut content.

Video Game Localization Service

The process is usually undertaken either by the game developers themselves or by a third-party translating company. We, at Get Any Language provide you with competent video game localization services.

Video Game Localization Services

The main goal of localization is to create an enjoyable, non-confusing play experience for the customer by paying attention to their specific cultural context while being faithful to the source material. The game industry is one of the fastest-growing industry. Localization is an effective way to widen the market and reach more gamers. Game localization involves modifying a video or mobile game to adapt to the needs and preferences of players in a different geographic region.

Get Any Language provides you with the best services for translating a video game to broaden the user base by spreading it to different countries around the world. We make sure that our customers utilize game localization services when looking to expand their game to other regions, in a way that adapts to the local language and culture.

About the Company

Get Any Language is a video game localization company providing cost-effective game localization services for the gaming industry for 10+ years. We work with reliable game publishers and developers. All game translations are done by professional translators who are native speakers, having experience working on games. We help you in localizing mobile, desktop, console, browser, and board games into 100+ Indian and foreign languages. We pay attention to translation, proof-reading, box-resizing, tax-validation and create content for you that increase sales, downloads and bring a competitive edge to your company.

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