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Game Localization Services

Unarguably, over the years the gaming industry has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s growing at a faster pace. Since video games and esports are a global phenomenon now, game localization is the need of the hour.  

What is Game Localization? 

Game Localization Services

Game localization services are designed to make games localized for the respective countries in their native languages. Video game localization is ideally meant to localize games to enable players to play the game in different locations. Following are the many benefits of video game localization: 

Localization Services from Get Any Language: 

For high-quality localization services, Get Any Language is an excellent place.  We help you get the most out of the Game Localization to make gaming an excellent and delightful experience for diverse audience groups. With our video game localization, we open up games to a varied range of audiences across global locations.  

We prepare your game for use in different countries where your game is popular and being played.  

The localization includes translating games for native speakers. The process also comprises recording new audio, hardware changes, and altering the games to comply with legal requirements. 

Why We for Game Localization?

Our localization service covers games including desktop games, console games, browsers, and board games. At Get Any Language, we ensure quick turnaround and competitive prices for game localization and translation services.

Available in over 100 languages worldwide our game localization ensures the complete adaptability of the games for players from all over the world. 

There are several reasons why should our game localization services should be your last choice: 

Human Translation 

Our game translation is done by humans. We don’t use any software, bot, or tool at all.  Everything is taken care of by our team of enthusiastic and learned translators who make sure that its storyline and in-game play is intact and adopted by all the stakeholders. 

All game types

Localization services offered by Get Any Language cover almost every kind of game and video game including mobile games, Console games or PC games. We have in place a perfectly designed translation management system run by online game localization experts to ensure accurate and error-free translation for all game types. 

Cultural Accuracy

While translating and localizing the games, our localization experts make sure that the document being translated should be consistent with the original game document. Our team takes care of every aspect of the translation including language, tone, accuracy, and originality, etc.  

Our Best Game Localization Service Process:  

Our game localization is a straightforward process. From assessment to implementation, we offer clients the most reliable translation services by a team of native-language translators. They are efficient in product localization and with 100% accuracy. 

Drafting the kit:  

The process starts with preparing the initial draft and content of the localization that includes text files, character profiles, screenshots, and glossaries, etc. 

Assigning the Team: 

After preparing the draft, we identify the genre of your game and target language.  Then we hunt for the perfect translator(s) and handpick the best for a particular project. 

Project Begins: 

Now our team starts working on the actual translation of the project. Our translators thoroughly go through translation documents. They take care of the entire process and bring in ready-to-use translated documents in all languages.  

Editing and Proofreading: 

Once the translation is done, we start proofreading games. The task is taken up by our native and talented translators. They verify, edit and update the text through an established editing and proofreading process. 

Integration and Testing:   

Our team performs complete testing of your game. It helps us to suggest various changes to make the game more friendly. The testing keeps going until the game is ready to be played without any errors. 


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