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Legal Translation Services in India

Legal translation is one of the most nuanced jobs there and this is a reason that not all translation agencies try to venture into it as for this job they just not need a linguist but also the professionals who are equally equipped with knowledge of the law.Offering legal translation services our translators not just explore the definitional scope and linguistic properties of legal texts but at the same time analyze the underlying doctrinal approaches to legal translation i.e. it should be interpreted similarly by the professionals and people in the legal system.

Legal Translation Services
Legal Translation Services

Moreover, since our aim of translation is not to erase linguistic and cultural differences instead accommodate them, our translators work convey this through their work. Our translators are aware of how the text functions in the source country’s institutional, political, and economic context when they are working on the legal translation services for our clients. Our fundamental approach towards legal translation is that it should be driven by one overarching objective and that is providing literate rather than literal translations.

Well Nuanced Legal Translation in Delhi, Mumbai 

Law is involved in all aspects of transactions even when it is not obviously visible. We at Get Any Language helping out our clients with a range of legal documents that is required in court proceedings, administrative hearings, authorities, etc.

Translation of Agreements of all sorts:

Translation of Consent Documents:

We make legal document translation easier 

A popular understanding in translation industry is that it is difficult job, which is true but we at Get Any Language make it easier with a set process. Since we have been in the translation industry for a long time and know how to make things easier, we have devised a process that makes it easier to translate a legal document. With a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Human Interface, we make sure that the legal documents are translated as swiftly as possible without error.

Thus, when it comes to legal translation we make sure that the translation is done in the active voice as it eliminates confusion by forcing the executer’s to name the actor in a sentence. Our translators make sure that there is uniformity with regards to gender, verbs, etc.

Edge with Get Any Language 

There is hardly any space left out there that does not use legal documents whether it is school, hospital, employment, business everywhere you would require some sort of document. Authorities to courts, the requirement is always there to draft them carefully and often done by the lawyers or chartered accountants; however, when they are required in several languages, we are the people who you could trust. Our legal document translation covers a range of documents that includes:

Thus, the bottomline is that translation of legal documents that includes constitutional, administrative, civil, commercial, tax, criminal, international law and so on could be carried out only by highly educated lawyers who are equally competent in couple of languages. Our native linguists with qualifications in law make sure that there are no errors or impreciseness in the documents that could cause serious legal consequences for clients.

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