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Simultaneous Interpretation Services in India

Many types of meetings and conferences generally require simultaneous interpretation. It is one of the common forms of interpretation though it is real time and quite difficult. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter has to translate what was said within the time frame of the speaker’s speed, and yes it should not change the flow of the speech at any point.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

This type of interpretation is well suited for large conferences and international meetings when two or more languages are spoken or understood. These are those events where a pause in conversation is also not acceptable. A short pause is allowed to process the words of the speaker.

Some of the places where we have simultaneous Interpretation

Get Any Language provide Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Delhi, Mumbai, India with all the required equipment for simultaneous interpreting, including interpreting booths, conference microphones and headsets. If you have any requirements contact us now!


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