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    Clinical Research Translation

    Welcome to our specialized service for Clinical Research Translation, where strict quality control is observed hand in hand with comprehensive expertise in medical terms and clinical research. Indeed, clinical research is a fast-pace profession where timely delivery of messages is crucial. Our specialized translation services help translate your research documents, materials, and findings into any language for better understanding.

    Why Choose Get Any Language For Clinical Research Translation?

    Expert Translators

    We have assembled a team of experienced interpreters, who possess extensive experience in medical terminology and clinical trials processes.

    Accuracy and Precision

    We respect the law and advocate for professionalism to ensure that even a single mistake during research translates to the consequence of a life.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Our translators are generally familiar with internal standards of different countries such as FDA, EMA or ICH standards and other regulations.

    Confidentiality and Security

    Our organization ensures that our IT systems defend your personal information while we maintain non-disclosure policies.

    Services We Offered

    We offer a comprehensive range of clinical research translation services, including:

    Clinical Trial Protocols

    Translating study protocols to enhance effective communication among research teams from different countries.

    Informed Consent Forms

    Proper translations of consent forms, so that subjects may be able to comprehend their rights as well as the specificities of the study in which they are entering.

    Patient Information Sheets

    Ensuring that the information given to the patients is comprehensible, reliable, and non-biased regarding the culture of any set individuals.

    Regulatory Documents

    Avoiding violation of local legislation as well as international legislation due to accurate translation of all the legal documents.

    Research Publications

    Performing and/or coordinating translations of articles, journals and other research works for the purpose of publishing them in peer reviewed international journals and presenting the findings at international conferences.

    The Translation Process

    Initial Assessment

    Estimating the projects’ complexity to provide the most suitable translators.


    Translators guarantee the technical sense and cultural adaption into the recipient culture.

    Review and Editing

    A second linguist makes certain that the pieces are consistent and clears to his or her understanding.

    Quality Assurance

    Final review to ensure that the article complies with all the set regulations and quality guidelines.


    Collection of finalized translated documents and their timely delivery with adequate security.

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