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English to Maithili Translation Services

If experience is what counts, we are the champions because we are the most experienced Maithili translation services providers in India. In fact, we at Get Any Language have been delivering the most reliable translation services to our clients whether they are from India or abroad for several years. We are the leaders in providing quality English to Maithili translation services to our customers. At the same time we have been ensuring that each project is done and delivered within a stipulated time period.

You can hire us for reliable and authentic Maithili translation services for your academic works, legal documents, medical or commercial documents, etc. amongst others. The best feature that we feel proud about our translation services is that our proofreaders read the document after the translation is over so that the translated document is error-free. We at Get Any Language also offer Maithili interpretation services to its customers to help them communicate well with their clients and customers.

History and Demographics of Maithili Language

Researchers and history buffs admit that Maithili language is one of the variants like Magadhi and Bhojpuri which are spoken widely in Bihar and to some extent in Nepal. It has come to notice that the popularity of this language is quite deep in terms of literary value. Being an Indo-Aryan language of the Indo-European language family, it traces its origin to Sanskrit. Nonetheless, Maithili is the language of old Mithila which is dominated by orthodoxy and the Maithil Brahman way of life.

It must be noted that although Bhojpuri and Magahi are spoken widely in Bihar and some parts of Uttar Pradesh, it is only Maithili which has its own script. The script on which Maithili is written called Tirhuta, and a strong literary history. As has been mentioned before, it is one of the earliest and most celebrated languages where poets like Vidyapati wrote great lyrics in 15th century. Regarding the number of speakers, some estimates are that nearly 33 million people speak this language in Bihar and some parts of Nepal.

Maithili Document Translation Services

Whether it is legal documents or medical papers, we are translating almost all sorts of documents that come from our clients. The clients could be from an individual lawyer to a corporate company to a doctor. Thus, we have all sorts of clients who are being offered Maithili translation services. We at Get Any Language understand that with local communication any company or organization could reach to the wide target base in Bihar and Nepal and for that we have brought in high end Maithili Document Translation Services to our clients.

Nevertheless, since our clients can hire us for translation of Training & Instruction Manuals, Medical & Healthcare Documents, etc. we assure them of utmost accuracy. Similarly, whether it is technical and scientific research, and literary works or certificate translation, we translate all for our clients. Needless to say literary translation services where we offer English to Maithili translation services, cater a varied requirement from clients.

What makes us the best English to Maithili translation Services Company?

Maithili translation services, especially document translation, medical translation and legal translation, we are the champions. Whether it is financial reports or medical reports or other documents, we translate all sorts of documents for our clients with the help of native Maithili speakers. The best part with our competency is that we provide 100% human Maithili to English Translation and do not use machine tools for translation. Supported by our three tier quality policy we provide you an error-free Maithili translation services. With our translation services clients can get massive boost to their communication and public relations efforts in the Maithili speaking market.

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