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Europe is the second-smallest continent, and it could be described as a large peninsula or as a subcontinent or collection of countries with most similar cultural and ethnic practices. Officially there are 24 languages spoken widely in Europe.  There are only three languages are accepted as working languages in the European Union (EU )German, English, and French, of course these are the most widely spoken languages too apart from the languages of separate cultures and sections and people. Europe has a good history apart from the 3 main languages such as Roman and Spanish which is more prevalent across the globe.

Language differs from state to state in India and from country to the country world over. Europe is home to hundreds of languages, including some of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Most of the people in Europe speak French, Russian, English or Spanish. More than 90% of Europe speaks these languages. Europe is a well-developed nation and relations in such a country can help you prosper in your ventures. This can happen only if one can converse and exchange ideas and the best way to do so is by translating the content. Translation of native languages is important to communicate effectively. Translation into each language group enables reaching out to diverse language groups with a uniform message. Translation unites communities under one thought process even if language differs.

We can provide customized language solutions for many European and Western countries that want to penetrate the Indian Market. We have provided Translation, Interpretation, Website Localization, Voice over and Subtitling in many European languages such as French, English, German, Spanish and many more.

Due to our strong network of native translators with Industry expertise and our internal quality process as well as the use of translation technology tools, we are in a position to assure top-quality language translation services at the most competitive rates. We have a native language speaker who not only does word to word translation but makes sure that the meaning to be conveyed remains tact. We give importance to all the linguistic and vocal parameters like language, dialect, gender, accent, pitch and emotion, etc. while working on providing services to our clients.

Widely spoken Languages in Europe are

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