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    Pharmaceutical Translation Services

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a highly sectored industry that requires precision and accuracy in its operations. When it comes to translating mission-critical documents, accuracy cannot be compromised.

    Get Any Language is precisely about focusing on pharmaceutical translation services, making certain that the medical content will be translated most accurately, professionally, and without neglecting the cultural context.

    Whatever type of material it may be – trial documents, patient informational brochures or materials for submission to regulatory agencies, we carefully ensure that our translations conform to the best standards of the pharmaceutical business.

    Why Translation Services are Required in Pharmaceutical Industries?

    Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory documents require an accurate translation that meets the requirements of each country and helps obtain approvals from health authorities.

    Patient Safety

    Accurate translations of patient information, instructions for use, and packaging inserts reduce the chances of misunderstandings that may become potentially dangerous for patients’ health.

    Clinical Trials

    These include translating study protocols, consent forms, and trial results with the aim of making all work related to international clinical trials easy to comprehend.

    Global Marketing

    Sometimes, providing accurate and culture-sensitive translated marketing literature and product information enables trust and credibility to be established with other healthcare-related professionals and patients around the globe.

    Scientific Research

    Translation helps make research papers and articles in one language accessible to people who speak other languages, thereby facilitating collaboration and the sharing of knowledge across borders.

    Why You Should Choose to Get Any Language for Your Pharmaceutical Translation?

    It is important to have the right translation provider as a key factor in influencing the success and regulatory standards for pharmaceutical products all over the world. Here’s why Get Any Language stands out:

    Innovative Services

    Among others, we employ translation memory tools and terminology management systems as a means of improving the translation process, making it smooth, accurate and efficient.


    Equipped with a reliable project management system, translated documents are delivered on time in the simplest or most complicated of projects, meeting essential regulatory compliance and product release schedules.

    Ensured Regulatory Compliance

    Our experts know the centralized and decentralized regulatory requirements of various regions. Thus, all translated documents meet local and international standards and are less likely to be rejected.

    Affordable Pricing

    Our prices are reasonable and clear to help you avoid situations when you work with an inexpensive service provider only to find out that it has inflated prices behind a maze of fine print.

    Short and Long-Term Pharma Translations

    Depending on your business nature and requirements, our services accommodate short-term situations like clinical trial documents, as well as long-term requirements, including regulatory documents and patient information.

    Subject Matter Experts

    Each of our team members has formal education in at least one of the following fields: medicine, pharmacology, and life sciences, allowing them to translate the text according to the special terminology of the sphere.

    Important Translated Documents for the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Key documents that require precise translation in the pharmaceutical industry include:

    Regulatory Documents

    Marketing Authorization Applications (MAA), New Drug Applications (NDA), Investigational New Drug Applications (IND), and Clinical Trial Applications (CTA).

    Clinical Trial Documents

    Study protocols, informed consent forms (ICF), case report forms (CRF), and investigator brochures.

    Patient Information

    Patient information leaflets (PIL), instructions for use (IFU), packaging inserts, and medication guides.

    Marketing and Communication

    Product brochures, website content, press releases, and advertising materials.

    Scientific and Research Documents

    Research papers, journal articles, conference materials, and scientific reports.

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