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Interpretation Services In India

Interpretation services let global brands deliver communication in one-to-one format to the group of people who don’t understand the source or original language.


Interpretation services in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore , India by Get Any Language can help businesses communicate ideas without fearing language barriers. Our interpretation services in India are available in more than 50 language pairings. We at Get Any Language have a competent team of interpreters who have immense proficiency in multiple Indian & International language pairs. 

Type of Interpretation Services we offer: 

Our interpretation services are best for conferences, colloquium or business meetings. Our team facilitates the understanding of all participants so you can ask help of our experience and professional interpreters. Following are the type of interpretation services in India we offer: 

Conference Interpretation

The service is ideally designed for large-scale events attended by masses. It’s organized in booth/headset style. This means event organizers have the opportunity to call global and multilingual speaker without worrying the interpretation hassles.  

Our conference interpreters are apt and proficient in real time interpretation. It allows delegates to understand and grasp speeches delivered at the event.

Consecutive Interpretation

Get Any Language is the place where you can get high quality consecutive interpretation services in over 170 global languages. Such kind of language interpretation is preferably used in one-on-one or small group settings. Our consecutive interpretation services are backed by professionalism and second to none interpersonal skills of our interpreters who help brands facilitate interactions among languages.  

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is suitable for conferences or multilingual business meetings. In this arrangement speakers and interpreters work concurrently. Participants speak at a natural pace and interpreters simultaneously.

This is quite a complex process where interpreters sit at a booth with their headsets on.  They listen to the speaker and translate into a microphone. The translation is wirelessly transmitted to headsets used by delegates and audience in the conference. 

This is a service that needs utmost professionalism, trained interpreters and specialized equipment. We have all these available at Get Any Language.  

Over-the-phone Interpretation

You can access our interpretation services on phone if available on demand. Our expert interpreters are available for your service round the clock hundreds of languages on board. The service is cost effective and without any hidden charges at all. It works as a Pay-as-you-go model. We do not charge any set up fee or hidden charges at all. 

Equipment rental and support

In addition to our team of exceptionally talented interpreters, we can also provide you customized interpreting booths, conference microphones and headsets to make sure that you get most out of your multilingual events. Our dedicated staff will offer you flawless consultation so that you get only the best solution for your event. 

Video Remote Interpretation

Our video remote presentation is done using an advanced web-access video solution. The solutions help to organize voice, voice/video conference, and group collaboration sessions between speakers, client representatives and language interpreters. 

Get Any Language VRI solutions are completely device-independent. It can be run using any device. Connections can be created anywhere on any device whether desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phones.

 Liaison Interpretation

Liaison interpreters of Get Any Language can visit with the delegation during meeting, events and conferences. We are proficient liaison interpretation experts having immense proficiency in local language, local culture and locations. We take care of every bit of your personal and official communication from start to finish.  

Telephonic Interpretation:

Get Any Language provides high quality and accurate telephonic interpretation services in over 100 domestic and international languages. Our telephone interpretation services in India are designed to break language barriers so that you can save both your budget and time and focus more on business meetings, holiday planning and other needs.

Get Any Language VRI solutions are completely device-independent. It can be run using any device. Connections can be created anywhere on any device whether desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

Why Get Any Language for Interpretation Services?

There are many reasons why we are considered #1 interpretation services in India. We stick to the highest quality standards and best in class infrastructure in place to ensure that you get the second to none interpretation services from our language professionals. 

We have a highly professional team of qualified language professionals who pose massive and relevant experience in interpreting meetings and events run smoothly. You can ask for our interpretation services even on a short notice.   Want to know more about our best interpretation services? Call Get any language now.  

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