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We at Escorts Kubota couldn’t be happier with the exceptional service we received from Get Any Language. Our service and operator’s manuals needed translation from English to Mexican Spanish to better serve our growing customer base in Mexico. Get Any Language made the entire process seamless and stress-free.


Translation of the service manuals and operators’ manuals from English to Mexican Spanish language




Escorts Kubota


5 Lakh Words


1 Month

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

Escorts Kubota Limited is one of the oldest and leading companies in India which is based in Faridabad, Haryana and its inception was in the year 1944. It is engaged in various industries such as the agricultural machinery industry, construction and material handling equipment industry, railway equipment industry, and auto parts industry.

Escorts Kubota tractors have been trusted globally, exported to 70 countries and Escorts was the first Indian tractor maker to start a manufacturing unit in Europe. The translation of the service manuals and the operators’ manuals from English to Mexican Spanish language. The project contains about 500,000 words in total, ranging 3000 pages.

Challenges Faced

Word Count

To complete the translation of 500,000 words within a month entailed translating 18,000 to 20,000 words in a single day. To ensure that translators were consistent and accurate, we gathered a team of multiple experienced translators with professional experience.

Quality Assurance

After translation, the work was reviewed by a subject matter expert to meet the highest possible quality standard.

Design Requirements

The translated content was then passed on to our designing/DTP team who incorporated them into the intended lay-out. The team aimed to design 100 pages per day and by aligning minimum 5 designers to ensure the project was done on time.

Solution Provided

100 Percent Human Translation: Contrary to our competitors, we do not use AI software to translate texts and materials. All translations are done by professional human translators with relevant backgrounds to guarantee the highest quality and proper context.
Accurate Timeline: We maintain strict time delivery of projects no matter the level of difficulty involved. This has made our organization one of the most reliable service providers when it comes to executing large volumes of work within a shorter period.

Complete Customer Satisfaction: Another motivating factor for completing projects is making sure that our clients are fully satisfied with what we have done for them. We are willing to take time to listen to the client’s needs and then offer solutions that will suit them better.

  • Successfully handled large volume: The client was impressed with our ability to manage a significant amount of translation work.
  • On-time delivery: We met all deadlines set by the client.
  • High-quality translations: The client was satisfied with the accuracy and fluency of the translated materials.
  • Process and Audit for 100% accuracy of the translation & DTP output.
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