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Role of Video Game Localization and why it’s important

As we know localization on its own is not limited and can be applied to any sort of content, be it a website, advertisement, or even an animated film for children or video games. Being one of the most demanded services in the translation industry, localization ensures the appropriateness of the content to the target region ,makes it recognizable, relatable, and natural for the region and its audiences.

In this blog, we will focus on the role of video game localization and how it is making an impact in the gaming industry.

Just like with any other kind of localization, the entire content of the video game is adjusted to the target region. Video game localization is the preparation of video game software and hardware for sale in a new region or country.The process includes any changes made to a game, including altering art assets, creating new packaging and manuals, recording new audio, transforming hardware, cutting out whole portions of the game due to differing cultural sensitivities and/or local legal requirements, and even adding sections to replace cut content The process is usually undertaken either by the game developers themselves or by a third-party translating company.

Why is game localization important?

To tap into the international market, you have to tailor your game experience to fit the wants and needs of gamers on a global level. Well, picture yourself playing your favourite video game on a current-generation console. What if the localisation is not done? The access to the game will be limited to a local group rather than youngsters worldwide.

With the help of video game localization, all communicated text comes through as intended, and you’re never confused about what it is you’re supposed to do next. It makes a perfect world for you to enjoy the video game.

Let’s discuss some advantages of Video game localization.

Pro’s of Game Localization

  • Increase Sales of the Game:-An English content reaches just 27% of the people worldwide but you want your game to reach every corner. So this is where game localization helps. When you prepare your content in other major languages, you aim to reach higher and when the demand for the same increases, you surely tend to earn more and sell better.
  • Increase Downloads:- To increase sales you need to increase downloads. To increase downloads you need to widen the market. That is achieved by localizing and this is when you reach more gamers. Going global is going local. The effect of having a multilingual app is a visible one as downloads and revenue will increase.
  • Stay Competitive in Tough Market:-There are two viewpoints to localization. The first one has a strategic, proactive approach. You want to reach the global market and you choose which countries, and what languages you want to go for. The second approach is reactive. You have received hints that gamers across the globe want to play the game in their language. The outcome of both aspects is that the game becomes more competitive in an international market.
  • Keep Control Of Your Game:- Localization helps you to avoid “other” translation – or ROM-hacking by outside people. Localization as a part of the process will save you time and money rather than changing the text and translating it just when the game is done.

 Levels Of Video Game  Localization

There are different levels of localization depending on the financial viability of importing a game to a new locale.

  • The first level is no localization where you may import a game into a region in the original language if there is a potential market for it.
  • The second level is box and documentation localization, in which the box and documentation or manuals for the game will be translated, but not the game itself.
  • The third level of video game localization is all about translating and localizing, yes, but only partially. This means that things like text which appears on-screen may be translated and even localized, but the speech by characters may not be translated at all, or may perhaps only use subtitles.
  • The final level of localization is full localization, where all of a game’s assets will be translated, including voiceover, game text, graphics, and manuals.

 Role of Video Game Localization for Game Designers

Game Designers need to be aware of the censorships and nuanced content rules when they want to release their games globally. The restrictions imposed can affect designers in several ways. They need game localization for the same and there are two ways to go about the global release of a game.

There’s the simultaneous shipping method, and there’s the post-gold localization method.

  • The Shipping method is frequently used by AAA games. It involves a lot of planning ahead of time, as the localization process (translation, foreign voiceover, and content changes) needs to begin in the last 4 months of the game’s development. This means the localization is happening at the same time as the home-stretch production of the primary market version.
  • Post-gold localization means the game has already been released in its primary market, and the game is retroactively adjusted for shipments to new international markets. Most of the time, game designers need to hire localization project managers.

Video Game Localization Services

 The main goal of localization is to create an enjoyable, non-confusing play experience for the customer by paying attention to their specific cultural context while being faithful to the source material. The game industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. Localization is an effective way to widen the market and reach more gamers. Game localization involves modifying a video or mobile game to adapt to the needs and preferences of players in a different geographic region. We, at Get Any Langauge provide you with competent video game localisation services.





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