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The Internet and the numerous has thrown open multiple opportunities to business and increased the avenues for individual users. Never the less the internet has not been exploited to the fullest, the requirement of localization for websites, application and payment platforms are yet in the pipeline.  Today with a major chunk of internet data consumption having been done on the mobile, the hurry for every industry and service provider is to be there. Fintech companies are also in a big line for the same.

With the digital space totally battered with ad based direction for application usage.  It has become very important for platforms to reach out to the end users independently.  The down turn is the ecosystem is majorly driven by ad based platform and content consumption and has reached out to the target audience multiple times and secured users mind share.

The companies trying to reach to the whole mass is somewhere not able to get the traction it had received in the initial days of financial inclusion drive. The reason is the mass are non-English friendly and require to be attended in their local language. India in specific is a major Hindi speaking country and does not have even 30 % of its content and communication in the native language. More languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi also are addressing the same problem. The fintech space is also gasping for growth due to the non-localization of their services. We have seen the volume of BHIM & UPI based payments growing at a mind blowing pace, this can be further fueled with companies investing their time and direction to reach out to their end customers in their local language or dialect.

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With localization of content and communication in the various media platforms, the fintech companies can achieve more and more customers to start using their financial inclusion services and also make more margins in Value added services such as prepaid recharge, bill payment ( under BBPS), DMT, PAN card issuance, AEPS, Micro ATM and assisted e commerce. It will also encourage usage of ATM’s and Kiosk based services in the self help category.

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