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As we are moving back to the new normal in the new ear 2021, the excitement is more to understand the vaccination for Covid. The awareness and distribution for the same is going to be another major challenge and a definite cost to the state.

The 2 main hurdles which we see here are the distribution &f disbursement and the communication in the complete life cycle. To aid the proper distribution and availability of dosage to the end users the usage of professional translation services is a must.

The government has planned a proper distribution model in every state for the distribution of vaccines moment it leaves the manufacturing facility. This is a combination of land and air transport. Also requires special attention like storing in a cold store and transportation in refrigerated or insulated vans to wade off the heat which will affect the performance of the medicine. To manage the whole supply chain as we call in modern times it makes lot of sense to not only use English but other languages for the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Translation in regional language will be helpful in many cases and “do it by yourself” methodology also.

The storage and redistribution plans and protocols can be maintained in local language for easier understanding and ease of material movement till the end vaccination point.

Now coming to the end user awareness and communication. There are plans in place to attend the frontline workers to be vaccinated and the senior citizens. This would happen in a proper process similar to an election process. There would be booths and day slots for people of different ages and to manage the same effectively its necessary to plan the communication in such a manner that the process gets the best reach and no single person is run out of benefit. There are various plans being chalked out and it would require the same to be communicated over to the entire region. The usage of a translation service to localize the communication would aid it and help one and all to fight effectively against the most feared disease of the last decade.

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