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Finding a reputable translation service at an acceptable cost is usually the top priority for businesses seeking professional translation. However, such a practice is not always achieved.

Many of you, may have faced the problems with poorly translated content like inappropriately translated photos, incorrectly copy machine, and mis-translation.

Low-quality translations are widely available and inexpensive. Yet, they will be less cost effective than good translations which are expensive.

The reasons that top the list are:

• Incorrect selection of Language Services Provider
• Imperfect Source Content
• Long sentences
• Manual Translation Work Flow
• Lack of context
• Lack of proper translation tools

To translate an accurate, culturally appropriate, and cost-effective way, this article reveals the huge consequences associated with low-quality translations.

1. A wrong selection of Language Service Providers.

One of the main reasons why translation is usually poor quality is due to the incorrect selection of a translation service provider.
Choosing an in-house translation company may take time and some effort but the results will be well worth it.

To succeed in translation market look for LSPs who have deep linguistic knowledge and are specialists for your specialty.

2. Lack of Clarity on Expected Level of Accuracy

Professional language service providers provide various services for numerous types of projects.

Translation services are a common practice, but recently, companies are recognizing that these services are necessary for their success and these services enhance their capabilities.

Choosing a delivery service should be discussed with the LSP due to the various options and the present situation.
Similarly, they understand that there is a different type of accuracy required for marketing emails than for internal communications and you must be clear about the level of accuracy you’d like.

3. No discussion with your translator’s team.


Without enough information, your LSP cannot perform as you need them.

If you have an understanding of your clients and their goals for translation projects then it is most likely to be successful.

Translation & localization companies should get to understand your target audience inside out to tailor output to a region’s cultural beliefs. To increase your chances of success, making sure you listen to the LSP for requirements is important.

4. Translation Fees

Picking out an adequate price doesn’t necessarily always guarantee top service or product quality.

The good suppliers should be transparent with their pricing structures and itemization of all costings and associated fees. Can the translator include proofreading, editing and research in his expenses? So that you will know what this extra tip will bring you, you need to calculate the cost.

The use of technology is also part of this in relation to pricing.

Manually locating and translating words and phrases without the use of a translation management system is time-consuming and expensive.

It is much easier to maintain linguistic consistency by hiring a machine translation services.

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