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Translators are those who convert texts or messages from one language to another. Translating is a full-time career that requires a lot of expertise about both source and target languages. There has been an increase in the need for translators because of globalization. Businesses, organizations and individuals now need translations services to go global. Some industries need language translation, including healthcare, legal, technical and academic sectors. Here are some important tips for becoming a certified language translator:

To become a fluent translator, you need to be bilingual meaning you need to be proficient in at least two languages. If you want to become a Russian language translator, the first requirement is to be well-versed in the Russian language and a second language like English. Some translators have knowledge of more than two languages. You can take courses in languages so you will learn specific ones.

You should complete your B.A. degree program in Translation. You must complete these degrees in order to qualify as a translator. There are many professions where a formal academic degree is not essential. However, some other sectors like the technical, medical, and legal sectors may also require professional qualifications in the technical, medical, and legal fields.

Consider paying someone to translate a book into another language. It is not easy to start up a translation company without any experience. Another possible way to gain job experience is to work as an intern or volunteer in a hospital or community organization.

There are various requirements to gain certification in translation. However, for certification to be obtained, please go to the respective authorities or bodies which may certify you.

Eligibility to become a Translator.

Those who want to be a translator should have to go for a degree course in the chosen language. Candidates may have to complete certain tasks before they can take admission in a prestigious university. No specific subject combination are required in order to become a translator. They should have fairly decent knowledge of the language.

There are 3 steps for completing a course as a translator:

Certificate course.

Bachelor’s degree course.

Diploma program

The minimum requirement for taking a certificate or degree for the desired course in the language is class 12. The required language qualification is a certificate course in the desired language.

Certain colleges and universities, such as Jawaharlal Nehru University, base admission on entrance exam. There are plenty of languages which you can pick up to solve the exams.

For French speakers, there are several evaluation tests such as TEF (which stands for Test of Evaluation of French) organised by the CCIP (Chambre de Commerce et d`Industrie de Paris), TCF (short for Test de Connaissance du Français) and TEF (short for Test d’Evaluation du Français). DELF/DALF diploma issued by the French Ministry of Education.

For German, Max Mueller Bhawan organises classes to teach German as do Indian Languages like Hindi.

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  1. I am Rev.m.simon. for more than 30 years i am translating books from English to tamil. I translate a page and type in tamil. If any availability is given. It will be nice


  2. I need translator certificate of language Hindi, English & Punjabi.
    How & from Where to take certificate

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