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Translation Process

  1. Understand the complete requirement

We take all the information about the translation the input and desired output. This is very crucial for service delivery as it directly impacts the start and finish process. The process for a word file to be translated compared to a scan copy of a printed file to an audio file and specifically language pair. So, breaking down the process and informing the client about the same to ensure the client is aware the effort estimate and time for the project

  1. Word count for commercials

In the business of translation, the commercials are always worked on per word basis.  It becomes easy if we have text document to translate, but in many cases, we get scanned documents. These have to be converted to text documents and then the word count has to be ascertained before starting the translation process.

  1. Getting competitive quotes from different translators

With a multiple vendor discipline for more competitive rates and end benefits to be passed on to the clients, it’s the duty of the project team to identify the best commercials for service assignment.

  1. Submitting the quote and getting PO / RO

We follow a process of submitting the proposal with the commercials and payment process. In return we always work on a Purchase order or a Release order so as to be in compliance with the finance and audit procedures.

  1. Accepting the documents

We have process driven methodology for every assignment and accept the job with a proper process so that it becomes a permanent record in the systems and can be pulled up for comparison and audit purpose. We accept documents via email, hard drives, pen drives, physical documents and ftp transfer. We don’t guarantee the safekeeping of the documents as it comes for an extra cost.

  1. Pre-processing and error management if any

The work of translation is an art and science by itself.  The document readiness has to be according to the pre process agreement with the vendors. This also eliminates any grey area and errors in the process.

  1. Actual translation

Actual translation work happens at the translator’s end. There are different methodologies and tools used to complete the assignment. We do have a velocity check and timeline to ensure client service satisfaction.

  1. Quality check

The key to customer service success if error free service delivery. We have multiple quality checks to ensure the proper and accurate examination of the assignment.

  1. Grammatical check

Every assignment is a new experience, its essential to make sure we have a proper grammatical check for the translation assignments so that the final output does not look out of place.

  1. Getting the file to the desired output format

Clients always need the output in a specific format. We ensure that the same is followed without fail. This helps the client to move forward according to their plan and also avoids rework at our end.

  1. Delivery of the job to the client

The job or assignment is delivered to the client in the process its required. It might again be an online transfer, physical delivery or a device-based delivery.

  1. Payment collection

To ease the collection of payments we accept all modes of payments except cash. The modes are cheque, dd, bankers’ cheque, online payment to our account via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS & UPI.

  1. Service delivery feedback

The role of the client services team is to take feedback from the client on the way the whole engagement for an assignment has been. This helps up to reduce the service delivery gaps and provide customer delight.

  1. Communicate new service offering and monthly case studies, achievements and related news.

Keeping the clients informed about the achievement is always a positive note. It helps in providing them latest information and also an opportunity for us to get more assignments.


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