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The language industry is expanding rapidly as more companies and individuals are interested in communicating with one another worldwide. Here are some sections of the economy that will benefit from language support.

Healthcare, medication and medical.

Interpretation and localization is required in everything, from drug instructions to patient notes. There are many advantages to interpreting and professional transcribing. Interpretation in demand  because many people there do not know the original language the document is prepared in. This work can’t be done by anyone. A trained and experienced doctor is necessary when dealing with a life-threatening or serious condition.

Computer Application & Software Development Industries.

From smartphones to cryptocurrencies, the technological world keeps changing. This is proof that the software industry requires language services to help it break into new markets. These are necessary so that programs and games can use the appropriate words, colours and images that target its international audience. There will be input from technical expert about the encoding of the text, the amount of space for the text and possible localisation approach and the usage of single string. Software and Gaming Internationalisation (SGI) project managers will be on hand to communicate with the client at every step during the development phase.


This sector demands various services such as transcription, translation and interpreting. International clients across the globe depend on legal language services because of court cases, contracts and transcripts translation. Language services also involve a range of other products like certified translations, notarisation, legalisation and court interpreting. Certificates are proof that the translation has been done by qualified experts. Notarisation is completed when a document has been certified, this is called authentication. The document is then processed by Legalisation Office and apostille is attached. Using a trusted language partner ensures that data’s information is fully protected and that their translations are of a top quality.

Manufacturing / Production:

Some companies are also considering their option of repatriating production from offshore facilities. Translation is a perfect communication tool for these two parties in order to communicate clearly and effectively. Any manufacturer who wishes to sell their products to a global market will need a comprehensive translation process. All materials must be translated into the language of the target market for products to sell.

Banking, Finance and Insurance.

This sector involves management of money and includes banks, credit and lending companies, and insurance firms as well as companies providing services or technology for them. Large companies dominate the industry and profitably use b2b research to build and maintain a competitive edge.

This sector plays a vital role in the global financial market. International banks and financial organisations use translation services in a bid to achieve high levels of customer and client satisfaction. They help improve relations and relationship-building with potential clients. A translation service helps clients and customers in making business and financial decisions.

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

Marketing, advertising and PR is all about advertising your brand messages to your audience to get people excited about your products. The campaign needs to transcend regional and national borders for the success. Literal translation would not work as it would sound too boring  for audience. It’s absolutely crucial that marketing, advertising and PR materials are both considered and understood. Localisation teams can help in pointing out whether your intended designs will be acceptable to your foreign customers.

Training and education.

Learning has become more international in the workplace and the classroom. It can be difficult to train staff if they are located in other countries. You should need translated policies and guidelines to make sure all staff members are effectively trained and informed. By providing translation at universities, they cater to their international students.

Tourism and leisure.

Tourism and leisure businesses, being global enterprises, must deploy translation as a way to facilitate trade between different countries. Accurate translation is very useful in maintaining good relationships with clients as well as building loyalty amongst consumers.

Consumer, retail and ecommerce.

By providing unique service and product, you will increase your business sales. However, if your website is available in only one language, you may hinder your business’s growth potential. The first step to creating your global brand is to translate and localise your web site for your target market. Providing services in different languages can help ecommerce businesses provide better quality services to their customers when using their sites.

Market Research.

The market research industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. This has been partly due to improvements in business development such as brand awareness. Effective marketing does not take place without understanding culture and getting the consumer. If you are researching demographics, you will need a variety of translation companies.


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