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In a global business environment, where organizations interact more than ever, they are expanding worldwide. This is why communication skills in different languages are of utmost importance. Thus, demand for reliable translation services in India is on the rise in India which constitutes a large segment of the world market. This blog discusses why companies need to have professionals translate their work and lists 10 top brands in India that provide these types of services. 

Why Professional Translation Services Should Be Used by Your Company?

With global international connectivity of businesses, good communication becomes a crucial element. Here are some reasons why your company should choose professional translation services:

Understanding Different Cultures:

Professional translators understand the specifics of translation for another culture. This ensures that your message is not only accurate but also aligned with the culture of those you are addressing.

Keeping Brand Message Consistency:

It is important to discuss the brand consistently across all platforms. Professional translators ensure that the brand message is always consistent in different languages and locations.

Legal Compliances:

Some industries require very fine translations to follow the legal compliances. Professional translation services have a lot of knowledge about various regulations and technological details, which allows them to ensure everything is correct.

Saving Time and Money:

It would seem that the use of machines for translation is much cheaper at first but they often do not understand details and culture as human does. Professional services may cost you a little more, but in the long run, they will save you time and money.

How to Find the Best Translation Service Provider?

One needs to find a reliable translation service in India to communicate the messages clearly and with cultural adequacy. Here are some straightforward steps to help you choose the right provider:

Define Your Needs:

First, determine precisely what you require. Consider the languages you want to translate your content into, the format (documents or website), and whether there are specific terms in your industry that require special care. If your message consists of cultural elements then you should go for a provider who is familiar with such nuances.

Research and Check Reviews:

Search online for reliable translation services in India and visit their websites. Search for reviews on sites such as Google to see what others have said about them. Moreover, if you are familiar with individuals in your field or business network, request recommendations from them. It is helpful to listen to how other people’s experiences were so that you can understand what may happen.

Quality Assurance:

Ensure that the provider you select will be able to provide accurate and reliable translation services in India. Find out whether they have qualifications and awards in the translation field. Inquire about their procedure for verifying and correcting translations. You can also ask for a small translation sample to test it.

Technology Integration:

Try to determine whether the translation service offers helpful tools and technology. Inquire whether they apply systems to organize translation projects. Find out if they have access to computer-assisted translation systems because such technology enables human translators to work faster and more effectively. Moreover, make sure they handle your confidential data with care.

Turnaround Time:

Know about how fast the provider can deliver your translations. Discuss project organizing and ensure they can understand your timeframes. Determine how they interact with you in the process. It is also beneficial to know whether they have a backup plan if you need translations immediately.

Top 10 trusted translation services provider in India

Get Any Language

One of the leading brands that offers reliable translation services in India is Get Any Language. With their focus on accuracy and cultural nuance, you can rest assured that your communications are not only faithfully translated but also resonate with the intended audience. Get Any Language is a multisector service provider that ensures high-quality translation without compromising the quality of your source information. Their multilingual staff of linguists is fluent in more than 120 languages which makes them an agile and reliable partner for organizations seeking effective communication solutions that take into consideration India’s diversified setting.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is one of the oldest and most reliable translation services in India, and it enjoys affiliations with ATA as well as GALA. They specialize in game localization, software localization, and website or app development. Working with a network of qualified linguists on an international level, Mars Translation also deals in more than 120 different languages. Moreover, they have vast experience in different industries like healthcare tourism etc.

Tridindia IT

Tridindia IT is one of the top 10 brands that offer reliable translation services in India. It delivers multilingual translation services besides offering localization solutions. Their team guarantees accuracy and cultural appropriateness for all translations. The company is India’s most popular translation service with expertise in over 300 language pairs that provides a dependable platform for localization needs.


TransPerfect is another brand offering reliable translation services in India with more than 25 years of industry experience. With its position as a leader in language services, TransPerfect offers innovative tools for translation and localization in different industries and is trusted as a reliable partner for major business entities. It is one of the world’s leading language service providers that offers translation, interpretation, and localization services in many sectors like the legal sector, healthcare industry, technology, etc.

Milestone Localization

Milestone Localization has ISO certification and thus, emphasizes information security as well as quality management for an end-to-end translation and localization service. They provide translation, localization, and cultural consulting services. Working in various industries including law, gaming online stores and so on they have an important position within the language industry helping customers around the globe accomplish goals.

Shakti Enterprise

Shakti Enterprise has earned its position amongst the top 10 brands that offer the best translation services. It is recognized as a frontline in the battle taking place among translation companies working within India. Shakti Enterprise was established 30 years ago and provides translation services to corporate giants like Cisco, Coca-Cola, and Shell. The company uses advanced computer-assisted translation tools to eliminate errors and offers accurate translations in multiple languages.

Translingua Global

With its headquarters in Mumbai, India, Translingua Global has become a world-class personal translation provider company that transcends geographical boundaries. Translingua Global provides different language-related services such as translation, interpretation, and culturally informed consulting to enhance communication in various settings. The brand serves a wide range of sectors including education, science, technology, business, banking, culture, and entertainment sectors.

Feenix Language Solutions

Feenix, based in Bangalore, is a certified ISO 9001:2008 agency and is listed among the best translation services in India. It was intended to concentrate on the medical and healthcare domain. With a focus on Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages Feenix provides various translation services to companies locally as well as internationally. Moreover, accuracy and punctuality are very important for Feenix Language Solutions. They provide services in various areas of language and business, the health industry, finance sector as well legal.

Lisan India

Lisan India was established in 2013 and is based in Delhi, where it serves as one of the key industry providers offering language-specific solutions to multinational companies. Lisan India is one of the best translation service providers for enterprises expanding into new markets. It focuses on translating and localization for companies entering new international markets. They are staffed with a group of knowledgeable linguists in different sectors.

Advika Translation

Advika Translations is an ISO 9001: 2008 licensed company, established in 2001. The brand offers a wide range of language services such as translation interpretation and even training. Boasting professionalism and swift customer care, the company caters to varied industries focusing on quality with precision that is preferred for a stress-free experience. The language services offered by Advika Translations are comprehensive, including translation and interpretation as well as training in languages. They serve different industries and have quality standards.


Choosing the appropriate and best translation services is essential for effective global communication. After conducting sufficient research and considering quality assurance features and technological integration, you can select a reliable translation service in India that can fulfil your translation needs. Some of the best companies in this field are these 10 brands producing services that have made it easy for businesses to break through language barriers and become successful internationally.

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