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Needless to mention, overcoming language barriers in health and social care is important, and the benefits of interpreter or the translation and interpretation services in health and social care sector has huge importance.

Here, in this blog post, we will try to assess the influence of translation and interpretation services on the cost as well as utilization of health care sectors amongst patients with limited or no English proficiency, and also be able to understand the pros of using translation and interpretation services. So let’s explore!

Understand A Simple Statistics

In the year 2022, a reliable source showed there are around 1.5 billion people speak English either natively or as a second language all over the world, and the number is increasing by leaps and bounds.

People who have limited or no English proficiency are less likely to have a source of primary care on a regular basis, and a large number are less likely to receive preventive care at the same time. They are less satisfied with the care they get, which is why most of them report overall issues with and the percent is not less than 30% which is huge for health and social care sector. This not only increase the dissatisfaction of the services they get, but also increase the risk of experiencing medical errors.

Because the majority of health care organizations provide either no services or insufficient interpreter services that make most of the limited English proficient patients dissatisfied.  Sometimes it is also seen, people enlisted to assist patients interact with health care providers are not well trained. This is one of the biggest problems patients who have language barriers get dissatisfied.

The Pros of Associating with translation and interpretation services

Now, we will understand the pros of associating with professional translation and interpretation services in health and social care. We will help you understand step by step. Read on to know more!

Essential & Sensitive Info to Non-English Speakers

In these instances, it is very, very essential only to get in touch with a qualified professional who is experienced in translating languages of different types or a veteran interpreter. You need to understand that a person is just speaks the same language, doesn’t mean he or she is either qualified or trained to effectively communicate and interpret in such clinical settings. An expert only can do it.

Try to Give Equal Access to All

You may speak English but actually you are Danish. Now people will think that you are truly good at Danish because it is your mother tongue, also you speak English fluently so you are good in this language. It is therefore imperative that no matter what language you speak or which is your mother language is, you need to be an expert, otherwise, you will not be able to provide service on that particular language or languages. This may mean in health care sectors or health care educational sectors the need for translation and interpretation services in health and social care is very important.

Working with Professional Veteran Translator

Interpreters or translators are not same, but they do the job more or less same, but in a different way. A translator translates the jobs given to him or her. On the other hand, an interpreter interprets the jobs given to him or her, mostly the speaking parts are given to them, but the writing parts are given to the translators.

In the past, it was very common for a family member or friend to interpret for a non-English speaker, but now the situation has been drastically change because of professionalism. Now, most organizations hire and work with professional vetted translators and interpreters to providing services to their clients.

Actually, there are several advantages of working with translation and interpretation services in health and social care. Lets’ discuss one by one.

Firstly, when you working with an expert service provide they will give you flawless translation of your documents, as we are discussing about medical documents. It could be a patient history or other medical related things.

Secondly, a professional translation service provider hires professionals who are expert in a particular language, speaking, listening and writing, so you will have an opportunity to work with language experts only, so rest assured your projects will be completed without any error, which is one of the most important things that you need to consider when you are working with medial or health care sector projects.

Focusing on the Quality

Thirdly, focusing on the quality is one of the most important things that you need to consider first actually. When you are translating or about to ask a translator to translate a health document you need to be precise on the work. Like, qualified and experienced vetted translators provide services for health as well as social care sectors that are up to the mark in terms of quality and accuracy.

The Bottom line

You will get humongous advantages if you hire one of the qualified, experienced and vetted translation and interpretation services in health and social care to handle your medical documents or other works for your health care sectors.  If a health or social care professionals is not able to clearly as well as safely interact with a non-English speaker, this could result in adequate or missed appointment. Thus, ineffective medical consultations and lead many difficulties.  This will also pose risks the patients’ health and social well being at the same time. In this situation, only a professional translator and/or interpreter can help you.


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