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With the wake of protests happening across the Delhi border from over a month, there has been a series of communication going from the government officials to the union leaders and the farmers clarifying the Central farm laws and informing the details in accurate. The requirement of professional translation services for government documents can be clearly understood by reading the next few paragraphs.

The major hurdle faced by them was the communication from the Government officials is in Hindi keeping the farmer’s regional preference of North only. There are other states where the farmers are protesting and it will be difficult for them to understand the communication and extended delay if they don’t have someone explain the point clearly about the government’s efforts. If not they might continue and add more farmers for the agitation, cause of lack of information or knowledge or incorrect information communicated or understood intentionally or unintentionally.

If in case the communication is not available in the regional languages, the end point of contact in this case the farmer does not have any idea and can be lured in a group which is already misled or has been purposefully misled. It can also happen in case of a non-professional translator or interpreter who is not competent enough to translate the details in the appropriate manner to the concern person. This also leads to defensive modes to protect ones ideas and initiatives which have been wrongfully put or communicated even due to error.

This is a typical case were the farmers could not be connected even after planning something additional for them. Finally the center decided to translate the letters to major vernacular languages and communicating about the benefits of the law. There are many such scenarios where the government initiatives and letters have to be translated to the regional language so that the end citizen knows the reason behind the modification or addition in any process. News can be in local language but not many have the luxury or time to follow the news keeping in mind multiple factors. So it makes sense to communicate all the circulars, letters and notices in regional languages or in the local vernacular communication medium.

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