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Bird flu or avian influenza is a viral infection that is reported in birds, it also has the potential to affect humans and other animals who come in near contact with them.

Sudden death of a huge number of crows and migratory birds lead to suspicion and on further investigation it’s confirmed that the birds have died of flu. Now comes the biggest challenge to identify the affected region and stop it from spreading it further.

As we know Communication the human connection is the key to success, so how do we use this term effectively in the case of avian influenza.

There are about 6 plus states affected after the initial survey, now comes the point of the government health and animal husbandry department although animal husbandry don’t have a role to play for livestock farming, it’s important to communicate and educate the livestock farmers to take additional care of them. Even if one bird is affected it will not take much time to spread to the entire stock.

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The Government health department should come up with their Standard Operating Practice (SOP) for stopping the spread to the livestock specially chicken and other bird hatcheries. The testing and medication process for the same has to be in the local language and also information on how and where to approach for the same should be communicated in the local language either in text or voice format. Things will work even well if the same instructions are given in a video format.

The worse i.e. curling the livestock has to be done in case the flu is already set in. So the livestock farmers or the hatchery owners have to follow a specific process for this and it has to be done with utmost care as it involves manual intervention.

Proper communication in the regional language can help not only manage the spread of flu but also self and workers protection and the precaution measures to be taken.

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